MiaCara Manifesto

1. With our products we want to touch people’s life and make a difference in how they live together with their dogs and cats.

2. Our business philosophy is based on authenticity and honesty.

3. We try to be different and unique in everything we do.

4. We try to be one step ahead and we are reaching for tomorrow.

5. We constantly concentrate on innovation. Our credo is: innovate, don’t imitate

6. Our design philosophy is „form follows function“.

7. We strive for excellence and don’t settle for anything but the best.

8. We believe in longterm, sustainable partnerships with all of our stakeholders (customers, personnel, suppliers, press, etc.).

MiaCara stands for

  • Sophisticated Design

    MiaCara products are characterized by a clear design language and a unique style.
  • Premium-Quality

    At MiaCara we focus on high quality materials and first class craftsmanship.
  • Handmade with Passion

    MiaCara products are mainly manufactured in Germany by hand and with great attention to detail.