RSW is the studio of the designers Carsten Schelling, Ralf Webermann and Sven Rudolph. After working for different studios such as Vogt&Weizenegger and Marcel Wanders they started to work together in 2005 designing consumer goods like furniture, lighting and residential accessories.

RSW is a studio for product design. The core expertise lies in the design of novel and imaginative consumer goods on the basis of a serious dispute with all relevant aspects of design, such as a suitable design with regards to materials and production or usability and sustainability.

The studio works in the fields of furniture, lighting, tableware, residential accessories, premium giftware and give-aways, design strategy and corporate design consulting.

RSW became known with various drafts characterized by profound and charming ideas. With their designs RSW has so far received more than 30 design prizes including the German Design Award Special Mention 2017 in the category furniture for Albergo from MiaCara.

The design philosophy of RSW cannot be described by a dogma or an ‘ism’. The designs come about through a situation, product and customer-oriented design process which takes place somewhere in-between method and magic. The way to the product lies in the search for a new, better, different, unjustly forgotten, humorous idea. The resulting formal and functional perfection is largely due to this idea. The work of RSW is evidence of the pleasure they take in challenging materials, products and not least people’s behavior. Often they question available solutions and popular assumptions and proceed in a way that is contradictory to them. As a result, RSW continually discovers creative “virgin soil” off the beaten track.

"Our approach was not to design a cat tree, but a piece of furniture for cats, respecting the cats basic needs and being stylish at the same time. The result is one simple and elegant module that can be used by itself or to create an ever-changing landscape for cats to explore.“