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Cat Litter Box made with an innovative aluminium casing. German Design Award Winner 2019.

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Product info

The stylish new Sito Cat Litter Box is a modern and discreet place for your cat to take care of their personal business.

While it is a necessary object for most cat owners, finding somewhere to ‘hide’ the cat litter box has been the perennial problem. MiaCara enlisted Belgian designer Mathias de Ferm to create the perfect solution.

The Sito is a contemporary cat litter box that works as part of your interior décor. Drawing inspiration from MiaCara’s signature Bauhaus style, Sito is made with an innovative aluminium casing which makes it strong and functional enough to also allow your cat to perch on top or to be used as a storage area or a place to sit on.

Inside, is a compostable insert that is custom-made to fit the box, offering enough space for your cat to turn, scratch and take care of business, while keeping the litter neatly inside the box and saving you time with cleaning.

Sito is breaking new ground in terms of design, functionality and materials – it is a must-have accessory for any modern cat owner.

(Refill sets of the insert can be can be purchased separately. Also separately available seating cushion Stella)

Design: Mathias de Ferm

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MiaCara stands for

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    MiaCara products combine a clear design language with exceptional functionality.
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    MiaCara focuses on first class materials and high-quality craftsmanship.
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    MiaCara products are mainly manufactured in Germany and Europe with great attention to detail and sustainability.

Take a seat!

With the separately available Scala seating cushion you can turn Sito into a nice and decorative place to sit on, for example in the hallway.

A clean affair

Refill sets of the custom-made compostable insert can be purchased separately. This makes cleaning quick and easy.

German Design Award Winner 2019

"Sito is a discrete cat litter box that has been devised to meld with interiors in modern homes while offering additional functionality. The use of sturdy material means it can be seemingly used as a piece of décor or cat furniture whilst also fulfilling its primary purpose." - Statement of the Jury German Design Award 2019

"My goal was to create a litter box that can function as a small bench and that blends nicely with any interior."

Mathias de Ferm, Designer


Cat Litter Box made with an innovative aluminium casing. German Design Award Winner 2019.

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Care instructions

If necessary, wipe aluminium body with a damp cloth.

Keep your Sito designer cat litter box fresh and clean with a pack of 5 refillable inserts (can be purchased separately). Once it has been filled with cat litter, the Sito cat litter box insert can be used for one to two weeks. The Sito litter box refills make the annoying task of cleaning of the cat litter box a thing of the past. Water-repellent, environmentally friendly and disposable, they are safe and easy to use.

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Size chart

Sito is available in one size.

Size chart

Sito is available in one size.

  • Medium

    Medium: 54,5x41x40,2 cm (LxBxH), Entry: Ø 18 cm

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