Shigeo Mashiro has become associated with Japanese design throughout the world. He combines contemporary design and traditional craft practices in his product design, interior architecture, retail concepts and culinary experiences.

An early advocate of holistic design, Mashiro’s starting point was finding contemporary expression for natural materials and hand-craftsmanship to create products that engage the senses. Driven by a vision to unite the various design disciplines into a harmonious whole, Mashiro has brought them together in a wide range of creative projects. In 2001, Shigeo established the Japanese design company Sfera, which aimed at international markets from the start.

From 2010, Mashiro began providing creative direction to other brands, launching the SferaStudio division in 2014 to coordinate production and distribution. Projects have included art direction, retail design and photo styling. Today, Mashiro continues to develop new product ranges and design home accessories, tableware, furniture and food items for Sfera as well as for other brands.

Produkte von Shigeo Mashiro